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Packaging And Storage

Don’t worry, we’ll do it all for you

Let’s face it, removal packing and packaging is one of the most daunting prospects of moving. Not only do you have to find the time, you have to pop down your local shop and hope they have a load of boxes you can pinch off them. Failing that, you have to go out and buy them.

Then there’s the bubble wrap, and the tape, and the blankets… well, you get the idea.

You probably hate the whole prospect of it. But you’re in luck, because we love it. We’ve had our own tough and durable boxes made to suit every type of item from DVDs to fine art and delicate figurines.

Your precious items will be carefully handled, skilfully packed, and delicately placed in our van with all the precision of a moon landing.

You see, it’s an art in itself. We’ve heard a few shocking stories of so-called ‘professional packing’ services, but we take it as a serious part of our job as a whole.

We even organise storage if this is required short or long term.

As always, our packaging and storage services save you money

Doesn’t it seem strange that when it comes to buying all the things you need to move, it ends up costing the earth?

Because we buy in bulk, and have great relationships with our suppliers, we benefit from amazing prices and we pass all of those savings on to you. Remember, we’re here to make your life easier, not add to the inevitable stress you’re already going through.

Free stretch-wrap protection
You’ve seen it before when you’ve ordered a sofa, or seen a new neighbour move in. There stuff is covered in highly during, ultra protective film. It’s great stuff and really goes that bit further to protect your stuff. Well, you’re in luck because we refuse to charge for it. It’s just another little bit of peace of mind you gain when you use us.

So, don’t worry about using your duvet for padded wrapping, don’t stress about finding the end of the sticky-tape, and don’t even consider how you’re going to move that family heirloom you never liked but feel obliged to keep ‘as new’. We’ll take care of it, because that’s what we do – take care. We can also provide a professional packing service so you don’t need to worry about this either.

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You’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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