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Office Removals

Time for office removals?

So, business is booming and now you have decided to move to a bigger offices nearby or to new offices the other side of town in a more trendy area.

Yes, then you realise this move is a major undertaking with so many people to co-ordinate and their equipment to move. Here are some tips for moving offices successfully.

Office Removals Tips

1) Plan Carefully – When do you want to move? What needs done to ensure the move goes successfully?Packing goes successfully? Who needs to be informed? What is required from office employees? What external help will be required? Get quotations from London removals companies. Get the moving date agreed.

2) Communication with Employees – It is very good practice to ensure all employees of the business organisation are given clear communication about the move, time to adjust to the idea and given time to prepare their files, computer equipment and personal items ready for the big removals day.

3) Packing Materials – Provide quality packing materials such as boxes and wrapping materials to your office people to help them safely pack office materials and personal items. Label each box with the office staff member name and location in the new office. Try not to over pack heavy items in one box, but share them into different boxes for ease of transportation.

4) Empty Filing Cabinets – This is important as the weight of a full cabinet can make them harder to move and also risks damage to the cabinets themselves. No-one wants a warped cabinet in the new office, so communicate this in plenty of time.

5) Removals Planning With Your Office Removals Company – Agree a plan in advance about timings, dates, people resources required, new office destination, keys, lock up responsibilities and what success looks like for you. Write a new office floor plan, so everyone knows what items will be going where in the new office with office employees to label boxes accordingly.

With adequate forward planning and by choosing a professional, experienced, full insured London removals company with excellent customer service, you can look forward to a successful office move.

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