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Business Removals

Moving your business won’t be as painful as you might think

Oh, the joy of moving office. We bet you can’t wait! Ok, sarcasm over, but it really needn’t be the headache you think it might be. Business removals require a degree of specialism, knowhow and thinking three steps ahead – in one word: ‘planning’.

The process is simple. We’ll deal directly with your appointed project manager and start the ball rolling by discussing thoroughly your deadlines, requirements, any special considerations you may have (there usually are) and of course, survey the relocation address.

Internal office moves More and more we are seeing a need for internal office moves. You may be merging departments, scaling down, or simply want to maximise the space you pay rent for. It’s frequently said by our clients that we have the ‘magic touch’.

We have a gift for making a space appear larger and more accommodating once we’ve had a good look over it. It’s about efficient use of the area you inhabit and enabling you to achieve your office space objectives. We often do this kind of move in a day and, because we’re fully insured, with a great range of packing and packaging materials, you’re safe in the knowledge your items are well protected.

Weekend moves and minimising disruption

Time is money and disruption is, well, more lost time meaning less money. We understand that sometimes it’s just not feasible to move during the week. So there’s no choice but to do it over a weekend. What you really need to be sure of is that when everyone turns up on Monday morning they can simply get on with their work.

Our ability to determine exactly how long a job will take means that no disruption is caused. Really, we have it down to a fine art. Find out more about our tactics for a stress-free office move.

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