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Home Removals

A friendly and efficient home removal service in West London

When a recession hits, many people decide to offer van and man west London services thinking that it’s an easy thing to do. They invariably think by charging as little as £10 an hour they’ll be undercutting the competition and offering fantastic value for money.

At the risk of sounding biased, we hear horror stories on a daily basis. The removal business is just like any other. The company must be insured, the staff must be trained, and experience counts for everything. Those low cost ‘fly-by-night’ services soon get into trouble if something breaks, or they realise they just can’t make it pay, and that’s when a bad attitude kicks in.

We love what we do and we love our customers. Ok, so not everyone is a joy to work for, but we never forget who’s paying our wages and we always do our best, regardless of the demands of the job.

Don’t take any chances. Whether you decide to use us or not, be sure to always employ the services of an experienced and legitimate removal service.

• Happy to do small jobs – minimum just 2 hours
• Half hour billing increments after first 2 hours
• No VAT to pay
• No charge until we arrive at your premises
• Fuel included on small local jobs
• No extra charge for first floor deliveries/removals
• Fully insured goods in transit – £20,000
• We have our own boxes if you require
• Full packing and unpacking service
• Always cheerful and eager to help

Allow us to make your next move hassle free and at a price you can afford.

Call us: 0208 0903 830

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