Piano Removals

Piano removals. It’s all rather specialist

You’re piano is either your own personal pride and joy, or at the very least, a piece of furniture that adds depth and character to your home. It’s a focal point and a thing of great beauty that needs to be treated with love and care.

Piano removals are traditionally far more difficult to handle than an ordinary furniture removal. The potential for scratching and damaging such a magnificent instrument is increased due to its shape and size.

But whether it’s a bashed-up upright, or a breathtaking, grand concert piano masterpiece, it needs specialist treatment when moving from one location to another.

Extra care and extra resources
It’s something we’ve been doing for over 10-years and we’ve experienced the dismantling and reassembly of hundreds of different makes and models.

We never take risks, we have a multitude of specialist tools to help us do the job, and we’re prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your piano is relocated without a hitch.

  • Windows and doors easily removed if necessary
  • Additional cranes and pulleys at the ready
  • Blankets and covers that don’t scratch
  • Professional dismantle and reassembly
  • Film wrapped and packaged
  • Fully insured

Moving large musical instruments takes a commitment to care that’s off the scale.
Don’t leave something so specialist to a general removal company.

If you have a piano, or any valuable object that needs to be moved with a care that matches your love for your prized possession, then call us today.

We’re always happy to just offer a bit of piano removals advice if that’s all you need at the moment.

Contact West London Removals.

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